Everyone should know by now that I did not start out in a kitchen cooking, nor did I ever plan on becoming a Chef.  My thing was always the “front of the house” in hotels and restaurants.  It was a terrific feeling being able to greet guests, to walk around a dinning room and ever so intently make sure that the food was perfect and the service was at its top level. And of course, I loved making sure that all the diners were completely satisfied!
I’m a natural sales person so the connections and interactions with my guests filled that need in me to always be selling.  More importantly, let’s not forget the laughing, being playful and all around fun that went hand in hand with being on the dinning room floor.
Of course it was always a huge plus in being able to be dressed up with a full face of makeup and my hair just the way I liked it. Still – there was always something missing, especially since I started my life out as a piano player; I was a musician, an artist.
It’s an odd but true story about how I was able to fill that missing passion. And it’s something I remember vividly:
At one of my restaurants I had an argument with the chef, and lo and behold – I found myself having to call in every friend I could find to help and cook alongside them on the second busiest holiday of the year for the restaurant business – “Mother’s Day”.
Constant orders coming through, running back and forth from pan to pan, the heat of the flames, the clash of utensils clanging with pots and pans, the sound of ingredients being diced and chopped, the aroma of each savory dish, it all transported me to another place. I was no longer just helping out at the hotel kitchen; It was as if I had become an all new person.
What a shock to the system!  BUT – with this enormous group effort –  “I”, or I should say, “WE” pulled it off. That day wound up being an absolute life changer for me. Yes, I LOVED it!
Even in the beginning of my food and beverage career when I worked at hotels, I always loved watching the chefs do their thing. But I had never imagined the amazing sensation that would be awakened inside of me by passing through those kitchen doors.
The thrill and excitement of creating, the instant gratification of seeing the finished product, my work of art right in front of my eyes in a matter of minutes -what a feeling ran through me!
The rush of the fast pace, servers yelling out orders, dishes clanging, pans searing – all I can say is “WOW”!  This was it for me. This was the exact moment that my love affair began with food  and cooking. Truly, I had begun Romancing The Pan. It all started that night, my journey of what I was always meant to do with my life!
So, in closing, I have to say that my life has taken many twists and turns, I have reinvented myself several times always trying to find that “thing” that simply made everything come together for me. Here it is: cooking.  I love what I do and now I am completely fulfilled with my work and sharing it with everyone!
Thank you all for joining me on this adventure and I hope to see you all continue with me and get that same spark the lite the fire inside me.

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