My Family immigrated From Italy to America before World War II — As did so many people from different countries around the world.

America became rich with a blend of all of those peoples cuisines.

I know – I know — when other countries think of American food all that comes to mind Are – Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Burgers, Steak Fries, Onion Rings, Rice Krispies Flounder,and Fried Chicken. Oh — let’s not forget our world famous – Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and Pop-Corn, we also have the fabulous Ring Dings, Yodels and Tweenkies . My favorites of course – but the Europeans have Pastries and Strudel. Look – all of these things are perfect for me, especially burgers from every dinner I can get to – so I don’t judge…

Getting back to Immigrants, Many years ago waves and waves entered through Ellis Island in New York. Today the influx is even more significant because when these wonderful people come, they bring a world full of New Culinary Traditions. All of their ingredients, style,and flavors have all found a new homeland. Today – this is what we call American Cuisine. Just a big melting pot of cuisines all marinated into one.

What I find is that no matter what part of the world that you or your family is from — you always add that touch of your own nationalities cuisine. My feeling is, yes, that’s right, Garlic and Olive Oil. Yes, that’s my touch. OK – I do change things around , But somehow that Garlic and Olive Oil always finds a way into about 80 % of my recipes.

Growing up in New York there was such a variety of so many different Ethnic people right in the neighborhood. I learned a great deal from these difference Flavors that it has stayed with me throughout my life. The funny thing was that no matter how many different types of people,no matter how many types of restaurant to choose from — the number one and two restaurants were always, without fail — Italian and Chinese. Very different from today – we try every type of restaurant, from Thai, Indian, African,Japanese Mexican, Cuban to still the two old standby’s — Italian and Chinese.

So — here is what we now are made up of — from all of these beautiful cuisines mixed together — it is now our — “American” cuisine. We rejoice in our new family from around the world. We are a nation of all Color’s, Religions, Languages, shapes and sizes — and Proud of our uniting of all of these foods.

For this Sunday Family Gathering Meal – I am sticking to the classic American meat and potatoes dinner.
Garlicky, Rosemary, Thyme Rib Eye Roast
Creamy , Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Classic Cesar Salad

Keep bringing your family and friends home with your around the world Sunday dinner.

Let Romance The Pan!!!!

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